The 2024 Grant Cycle is now open

The Foundation for the Care of the Migrant Poor concentrates its efforts on working to improve the health, education, and welfare of the migrants in the Diocese of Venice.

Contributions to the Foundation are used to provide help and support to many worthwhile causes within this community. Recent grants awarded by the Foundation include funding requests for literacy training, affordable housing, and food distribution. Under current economic conditions and high unemployment, the need to support the community is greater than ever.

The 2024 Foundation for the Care of the Migrant Poor Grant Cycle has opened. All applications will be due by Monday April 1, 2024. To be considered by the Board of Directors for a grant, the project must clearly be seen as a service to the migrant poor or new immigrants within the Diocese of Venice in Florida. Preference will be given to those projects under Catholic auspices.

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For questions call at 941-486-4722

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