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Most people think that you need hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in order to make a meaningful gift or to leave a legacy.  Not true!  The Catholic Community Foundation of SW Florida will work with you to create the most effective and meaningful gift that fits your interests and life.

If you want to leave a lasting legacy for your Catholic community, the Catholic Community Foundation is the perfect starting point.

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Gifting Options

The Catholic Community Foundation is a full-service philanthropic community foundation and offers an extensive range of gifting options based upon a donor’s personal interests and financial circumstances.

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Open a Fund

Learn more about opening your own fund to establish your Catholic Legacy and maximize your philanthropic goals.

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Existing Funds

Anyone can add to an existing fund in any amount. Look through our complete listing of funds to make a contribution online.

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Planned Giving

Planned giving, or legacy giving, is a way for donors to support the Good Works of the Catholic Church in a way that can be much more impactful than making a gift from ordinary income.

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Gifting Calculator

Calculate your own gift with our personalized gift calculator.

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Gifting From Your IRA

By gifting directly from your IRA, it counts towards your required minimum distribution and you avoid federal income taxes.

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