An endowment fund provides a source of annual income to the Catholic entity of your choice.  Endowments are designed to function in perpetuity, because the original gift amount (the principal) is invested and the earnings are used to provide long-term financial support to a Parish, school, program or the ministry about which you care most.  Once established, anyone can make additional contributions to the fund in any dollar amount.

Many endowment funds are created through gifts from wills or trusts, however, a significant number of donors choose to fund their endowments while they are still living so they can see the impact of their gifts.  There are numerous ways to fund an endowment with the Foundation including gifts of cash, securities, property, distributions from retirement accounts and more.

Benefits of Creating an Endowment Fund

  • Establish a lasting Catholic Legacy
  • Designate to the Catholic organization of your choice, or leave unrestricted to serve the greatest need
  • The Catholic Community Foundation manages the fund and distributes the income to your selected Catholic organization
  • Open with cash, marketable securities or other assets
  • Ability to fund at death with an estate gift or designation in a will
  • Invested in accordance with the United States Catholic Bishops guidelines for Socially Responsible Investments

View Existing Endowment Funds

If you are interested in learning more or starting your own endowment fund, please visit Open A Fund.

*The Catholic Community Foundation of Southwest Florida does not provide legal, tax or financial advice.  When considering gifting options, seek the advice of your own legal, tax and/or financial professionals.

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