During the fiscal year ending June 30, 2020, the Catholic Community Foundation of Southwest Florida distributed more than $1.38 million from endowment, scholarship, donor advised and fiscal sponsorship funds to Parishes, Schools and programs throughout the Diocese of Venice and beyond.

This funding was made possible because of the generosity of donors who wanted to provide long-term support and sustainability to the Catholic entities and programs about which they care most.  These donors chose to give through the Catholic Community Foundation to help safeguard their assets and to ensure that their donations would always be used in alignment with their wishes.

In addition to distributing $1.38 million this past fiscal year from existing donor funds, the Foundation also work with donors to open eighteen new funds to benefit Parishes, Catholic Education, Vocations and other programs throughout the Diocese.  These new funds bring the total number of donor funds with the Foundation to 110 and represents a 69% increase over the past four years.

The Catholic Community Foundation of Southwest Florida, Inc. supports the mission of Christ in the Diocese of Venice by providing philanthropic opportunities for individuals and families to create lasting Catholic Legacies.  It is also the only foundation in Southwest Florida that invests donor gifts in alignment with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

To learn more about the Catholic Community Foundation, contact Michael Morse at 941-441-1124 or by email at Morse@dioceseofvenice.org or visit the Foundation at www.CCFDioceseofvenice.org.

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